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Thursday 31st December 2015

31-December-2015 11:31
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by Admin

Dear All Readers,

May I wish you and your families a very Happy New Year and I hope 2016 is prosperous. Thank you very much for taking the time out to read this newspage and I hope it pointed you in the direction of a few winners during the last 12 months.

In 2015 Value Racing Club had 5 horses running, the 5 horses ran 28 times between them and won 5 races. We also had 11 places.

Our total prize money won was over £80,000 whilst we achieved a strike rate of 60% of our horses finishing in the first three.

The highlight of the year was winning the Imperial Cup closely followed by the Summer Hurdle. Winning two prestigious races like this with just 5 horses in training and in the same calendar year is some feat.

The results set a very high bar to aim at but I’ll be working closely with all our trainers during 2016 and ensure all owners have another excellent and enjoyable year.

Have a great evening!

Best Regards


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