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Monday 19th September 2016

19-September-2016 9:57
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by Admin

Two seconds and double figure placed EW shot on the blog on Saturday was a little frustrating, both City Of Joy and Kindly ran their races but each found one too good.

We have a runner today at Kempton where Mountain Rescue takes his chance in the 5:10.

We’ve given Mountain Rescue a decent amount of time since his last race at Wolverhampton when the horse was under par. The well-publicized Newmarket virus was the reason for the effort. Mountain Rescue came back a poorly horse, coughing and feeling rather sorry for himself.

The virus is still active in Newmarket with a lot of yards quiet. We can’t say for sure Mountain Rescue is now healthy. Some of the yard’s horses have ran well whilst others that had the bug and thought of being over, ran flat again. Running is the only way of finding out if the bug has left the system.

Today’s race looks competitive as all 0-85 are, there’s no soft races at this level. Reaver and Ehtiraas, look the two to beat with plenty of other horses holding chances.

Mountain Rescue carries 9-7 and gives weight away to the above named horses due to the 3yo age allowance. We hope our horse is now fully recovered from the bug, even if he is this would likely require a career best so we’re just hoping for a solid  effort and some luck in running.

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