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Monday 9th February 2015

09-February-2015 13:23
in General
by Admin

We had a fantastic day at Newbury on Saturday but unfortunately our luck ran out in the big race approaching two out. Everything was going great until then whilst Ebony Express was running the race of his life until been brought down when Fascino Rustico fell right in front of us. Ebony Express & Will Kennedy just had nowhere to go and came down in a tangle of legs, it was a horrible tumble.

Thankfully EE got up after 30 seconds or so and was possibly winded, he’s a bit sore behind but seems ok and that’s the main thing. It was a horrible incident members went from cheering to chin on the floor within seconds. We’ll see how Ebony is this week before making any plans.

Information on a new horse with shares available will posted soon so keep a look out for that.

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